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Hier tagesaktuelle Stellenangebote finden. Aktuelle Jobs aus der Region New Zealand (Māori: Aotearoa [aɔˈtɛaɾɔa]) is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses—the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui) and the South Island (Te Waipounamu)—and around 600 smaller islands, covering a total area of 268,021 square kilometres (103,500 sq mi) Neuseeland (englisch New Zealand[njuːˈziːlənd], Māori Aotearoa [aɔˈtɛaɾɔa]) ist ein geographisch isolierter Inselstaat im südlichen Pazifik. Er besteht aus einer Nord- und einer Südinsel sowie zahlreichen kleineren Inseln The first European explorer known to sight New Zealand was Dutch navigator Abel Tasman on 13 December 1642. In 1643 he charted the west coast of the North Island, his expedition then sailed back to Batavia without setting foot on New Zealand soil

New Zealand (known as Aotearoa in the Māori language) is an island country in Oceania. It is a sovereign state in the south-western part of the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of two large islands (the North Island and the South Island) and many smaller islands. These islands are located to the southeast of Australia New Zealand is the sixth-largest island countryin the world, with a land size of 267,710 km2(103,360 sq mi). New Zealand's terrain ranges from the fiord-like soundsof the southwest to the sandy beaches of the far north. The South Island is dominated by the Southern Alpswhile a volcanic plateaucovers much of the central North Island

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  1. Der neuseeländische Fußballverband New Zealand Football (NZF) wurde 1891 unter dem Namen New Zealand Soccer gegründet. Die Namensänderung von Soccer auf Football erfolgte 2007. 1948 trat der NZF dem Fußballweltverband FIFA bei. 1966 war er Gründungsmitglied des ozeanischen Fußballverbandes, der Oceania Football Confederation (OFC)
  2. It also officially remembers the New Zealanders who gave their lives in the South African War, World War II and the wars in Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. The War Memorial consists of the War Memorial Carillon, the Hall of Memories, and an unknown New Zealand warrior interred in a tomb constructed in 2004 in front of the Hall of Memories
  3. New Zealanders love their cars! 2.5 million cars for 4 million people (including the kids) makes New Zealand's car ownership rate one of the highest in the world. Although it is around the size of Japan, New Zealand's population is just over four million, making it one of the world's least populated countries

NZ is the least corrupt nation in the world (tied with Denmark), according to the Corruptions Perception Index. 8. New Zealand has more Scottish pipe bandsper capita than any other country in the.. Auckland [ ˈɔːklənd ], offizielle Bezeichnung Auckland Council, auf Māori: Tāmaki Makaurau oder Ākarana, ist eine Großstadt und zugleich Unitary Authority auf der Nordinsel von Neuseeland. Mit etwas mehr als 1,4 Millionen Einwohnern ist sie die größte Stadt Neuseelands, in der etwa ein Drittel der neuseeländischen Bevölkerung lebt

New Zealand's unit of currency is the dollar (NZ$). Find out what travel costs in New Zealand to help you plan your trip. Autofahren in Neuseeland Erfahre hier wissenswertes über das Autofahren in Neuseeland, insbesondere über die Verkehrsregeln, auf welcher Straßenseite in Neuseeland gefahren wird, die Verwendung eines internationalen Führerscheins und die Wetterbedingungen.

It is also one of the last places where humans settled which makes its history a very recent one and also inspires a sense of newness. So, here are some interesting facts about New Zealand that you will enjoy reading about. 1. Just over 700 years ago, New Zealand was completely uninhabited by humans For the Northern War, see Flagstaff War. The New Zealand Wars were a series of armed conflicts that took place in New Zealand from 1845 to 1872 between the Colonial government and allied Māori on one side and Māori and Māori-allied settlers on the other

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Über 2.000 Spirituosen aus aller Welt. Jetzt im Weisshaus Shop bestellen Economy of New Zealand The economy of New Zealand is a highly developed free-market economy. It is the 51st -largest national economy in the world when measured by nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and the 67th -largest in the world when measured by purchasing power parity (PPP). New Zealand has a large GDP for its size and population

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New Zealand's European pioneers were also brave, rugged and independent. Before establishing farms and settlements, they had to first clear the land - a painstaking and sometimes dangerous activity. Their isolation and exposure to the elements forced these early New Zealanders to become hardy and multi-skilled. This resourcefulness and ingenuity has greatly contributed to the New Zealand. New Zealand is a remote, mountainous group of islands in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. View Images. Cable cars like these run through Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Photograph by Rick England Taxi, Getty Images Continue Reading. Māori were the first to arrive in New Zealand, journeying in canoes from Hawaiki about 1,000 years ago. A Dutchman, Abel Tasman, was the first European to sight the country but it was the British who made New Zealand part of their empire. In 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, an agreement between the British Crown and Maori. It. New Zealand is the home of the Archey's frog. This frog is unusual, because it doesn't pass through a tadpole stage. The eggs are laid on land among moist vegetation and hatch as froglets with tails. Their dutiful father carries the froglets around on his back

10 New Zealand facts for Kids. 1. Santa Clause's reindeer have a hard time delivering presents in New Zealand because it's summertime during Christmas. A very odd thing to imagine for people living in the Northern Hemisphere. 2. The Mickey Mouse look-alike in the animal kingdom is found only in New Zealand. The Hector Dolphin, native to the southern island has two protruding ears, giving. Key Facts & Information History of New Zealand: Historically, New Zealand was one of the last landmasses ever settled by humans. It was first settled, according to historical evidence, between 1250 and 1300 by Eastern Polynesians who ventured through the southern Pacific islands. Once Polynesians had settled, a Maori (Eastern Polynesian) culture developed. The first Europeans to reach New. New Zealand. New Zealand (or Aotearoa - land of the long white cloud), truly is one of the most picturesque and photogenic places on earth.A small island nation of just over 4.5 million people, New Zealand is made up of two major land masses (North Island and South Island) and a number of smaller islands including Stewart Island located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean

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New Zealand is a wealthy Pacific nation dominated by two cultural groups - New Zealanders of European descent, and the Maori, who are descendants of Polynesian settlers Neuseeland hat eine reichhaltige und faszinierende Geschichte, mit seinem 700 Jahre alten Maori Erbe und der Ansiedlung der Europäer im 18 New Zealand is located in the south-western Pacific Ocean and features two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, as well as other smaller ones. Other smaller islands include Stewart Island, Waiheke Island, Chatham Island, Great Barrier Island and more, although many are uninhabited Queenstown (Māori: Tāhuna) is a resort town in Otago in the south-west of New Zealand's South Island.It has a population of 13 200 (2015). The town is built around an inlet called Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu.It has spectacular views of nearby mountains. These include The Remarkables, Cecil Peak, Walter Peak, Ben Lomond and Queenstown Hill

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New Zealand is an island country and one of the many that make up Oceania. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean around 2,000 km southeast of Australia. The entire nation is composed of two main islands: the North Island (Te-Ika-a-Maui) and the South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) as well as some other smaller islands. Detailed map of New Zealand. Image credit: World Atlas. New Zealand covers an. The New Zealand banking industry is increasingly influenced by developments in Australia, since Australian banking groups control over two-thirds of banking assets in New Zealand; this share is unlikely to increase further, with the announcement in April 1996 of a conditional buy-out by Westpac Banking Corp. of Trust Bank, New Zealand's last domestically owned bank with a national branch network The Prime Minister of New Zealand is New Zealand's head of government. This job is given to the leader of the party or coalition with the most support in the Parliament of New Zealand. Since 26 October 2017, the Prime Minister has been Jacinda Ardern of the Labour Party Responsibilities and powers. The role of the Prime Minister is not formally defined, being based on constitutional convention. New Zealand was keen to show its loyalty to the British Empire and sent troops to fight for Britain in the South African War in 1899. It was the first war New Zealand soldiers were sent overseas to fight. New Zealand gains independence. We became increasingly conscious of our own nationalism. In the late 1890s, we turned down the chance to join the Australian Federation. Instead, New Zealand. New Zealand, about 1,250 mi (2,012 km) southeast of Australia, consists of two main islands and a number of smaller outlying islands so scattered that they range from the tropical to the antarctic. The country is the size of Colorado. New Zealand's two main components are the North Island and the South Island, separated by Cook Strait. The North Island (44,281 sq mi; 115,777 sq km) is 515 mi.

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New Zealand Facts: Location, Population, and a Lot More. Written by. Larry Rivera. Larry Rivera is a Sydney-based writer, journalist, and editor who has covered the city and its surroundings since 1997. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Larry Rivera. Updated 11/26/19. Share Pin Email TripSavvy / Taylor McIntyre . Location: New Zealand lies southeast of Australia between latitudes 34 degrees. All posts tagged new zealand facts wikipedia 412. Interesting Facts 10 Interesting facts about New Zealand. These 10 interesting facts about New Zealand , I discovered them while preparing my trip but especially by living with the New... Recent Posts. Why Sports Fans Should Get ESPN Plus App ASAP; Sports Betting Markets Explained; Advantages of Improving Your Testosterone Levels; Shaped. Kia Ora Motherfactors! In today's 101 we'll be heading to the land down under, and to the right a bit... Get ready for kiwi fruit, kiwi birds, and kiwi peopl.. After weeks of lockdown, New Zealand has achieved its ambitious goal of eliminating the coronavirus

Another fact about New Zealand is that if you tell a New Zealander that you like to eat kiwi you are saying that you eat the endangered flightless bird that is the country's icon. This will not be taken well as New Zealanders (also known as Kiwis) are protective of their national bird. New Zealanders call the fruit kiwifruit, and in fact, kiwi birds and kiwifruit are similar in. Rotorua auf der Nordinsel Neuseelands: faszinierende Geothermie; Māori-Kultur, heiße Quellen und brodelnder Schlamm bieten Sehenswürdigkeiten und Erlebnisse für jeden Geschmack The New Zealand Parliament is the legislature of New Zealand.Currently, it has only one chamber, the House of Representatives, which has 120 members.. The parliament was created by the British parliament with the New Zealand Constitution Act 1852.It used to have an upper chamber, the New Zealand Legislative Council, but it was abolished in 1962.There have been several proposals to create a new.

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New Zealand's Southern Alps have a number of glaciers, the largest being Tasman glacier, which you can view by taking a short walk from Mount Cook village. New Zealand's most famous glaciers are the Franz Josef and Fox on the South Island's west coast. Gouged out by moving ice over thousands of years, these spectacular glaciers are easily accessible to mountaineers and hikers. You can walk up. There are a lot of sheep in New Zealand. There are in fact an estimated 10 sheep to every Kiwi (New Zealanders, not the bird), a few years back the ratio was more like 20 sheep to every person. So if the current population of New Zealand is 4,432,174,* then that would mean the population of sheep would be 44,321,740. Yes over 44 million sheep! Some sheep facts from An Encyclopedia of New. New Zealand - New Zealand - Economy: New Zealand's economy is developed, but it is comparatively small in the global marketplace. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, New Zealand's standard of living, based on the export of agricultural products, was one of the highest in the world, but after the mid-20th century the rate of growth tended to be one of the slowest among the developed. New Zealand sits on the boundary between the Australian and Pacific plates. In the South Island, these plates mainly slide past each other horizontally, producing earthquakes along fault lines such as the Alpine fault. The 2010 earthquake was centred about 80-90 km to the southeast of the plate boundary through the island, probably on one of a network of smaller faults linked to the main. New Zealand tourism: Facts and figures Thursday, October 2, 2014 (Updated) New Zealand has a rich history of promoting tourism and is the oldest national tourism organisation in the world. This content can be shared and edited for the purpose of promoting New Zealand as a visitor destination. Not for use in paid advertising. Please credit Tourism New Zealand. Email; Print; Save as .txt; Copy.

Andrea Thompson, New Zealand resident, adds: A typical New Zealand English dialect will sound to most Americans like a cross between Austrlian and Scottish! Kiwis typically speak quickly and abbreviate words or add y to words. Having been to the US and heard the different accents, it's hard to say any particular word is pronounced one way in NZ as opposed to any other way in the US The New Zealand Parliament permanently moved to Wellington in 1865, after spending the first ten years of its existence, from 1854, in Auckland. The story of the move of the seat of government and Parliament to Wellington in 1865 was full of political intrigue and drama, not to mention shipwrecks and the threat of earthquakes. It tells us much about the political constraints on representative. New Zealand is located in one of the world's most tectonically-volatile regions. Vulcanologists said that while the eruption was relatively small compared to other past disasters, anyone close to. New Zealand is an otherworldly, photogenic and friendly country offering visitors unbeatable changes for adventure and exploration. The rugged islands are home to dense native forests, mountains, beaches, glaciers, thermal regions and fiords that have been well-preserved by the environmentally-consc. Touropia Travel Experts . Destinations; 10 Top Tourist Attractions in New Zealand. Last. Air New Zealand operates a global network that provides passenger and cargo services to, from and within New Zealand to approximately 17 million passengers a year

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Leading the way in terms of population and wealth was India, followed by the dominions of Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Newfoundland. The dominions had long histories of British settler migration and by 1914 all, apart from South Africa, had European majority populations. The British Empire offered inspiration and hope for these settlers and their descendants, most of whom. New Zealand officially became an independent country in 1947 through the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act. The Geography of New Zealand Total Size: 268,680 square km Size Comparison: about the size of Colorado Geographical Coordinates: 41 00 S, 174 00 E World Region or Continent: Oceania General Terrain: predominately mountainous with some large coastal plains Geographical Low Point. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the attack on Friday as one of her country's darkest days. She said that the suspects held extremist views that have no place in New Zealand. Request a Quote. Please complete the form below to request a personal quote.

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New Zealand's rugby player Wayne Shelford once had his scrotum ripped open mid-game. Below are some general info such as total population, land area, biggest lake, highest mountain and other general facts about New Zealand that might be interesting to know. New Zealand has the world's steepest street: Baldwin Street in Dunedin. 85. The. New Zealand troops took part in most of the British offensives on the Western Front from late 1916, including the later stages of the Battle of the Somme, Messines and the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele). The most notable victories won by the New Zealand Division on the Western Front were those resulting from its part in the British Army's great advances of the '100 Days' in August. Download Wikipedia for Android or iOS Save your favorite articles to read offline, sync your reading lists across devices and customize your reading experience with the official Wikipedia app. Commons Freely usable photos & more. Wikivoyage Free travel guide. Wiktionary Free dictionary. Wikibooks Free textbooks. Wikinews Free news source. Wikidata Free knowledge base. Wikiversity Free course. New Zealand has a very unique and dynamic culture. The culture of its indigenous Māori people affects the language, the arts, and even the accents of all New Zealanders. Their place in the South Pacific, and their love of the outdoors, sport, and the arts make New Zealanders and their culture unique in the world. Māori Tourism. No visit to New Zealand would be complete without.

New Zealand TV journalist Tova O'Brien has been praised for her interview with Advance NZ party co-leader Jami-Lee Ross. As Ross began to question the mortality rate of Covid-19 O'Brien cut him off Share New Zealand's unique journey to settle past injustices - learning from the past, shaping the future. Te Ara on Social Media. Subscribe to Te Hiko. Email address: Take a trip back to the 1960s. A. H. McLintock's ' An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand ' was published in 1966. View the digitised version and gain a sense of what New Zealand was like 50 years ago. About this site; Contact us.

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New Zealand produces 2.2% of the global milk output ranking it the 8 th among the world's largest milk producers. The biggest milk processor in the country is Fonterra, and it processes about 95% of the milk from the farms. Other big dairy companies include Synlait, Westland Milk Products, and Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company. The cattle in the country feed on grass though they are fed hay. The feijoa is the fruit of Acca sellowiana, an evergreen shrub or small tree, 1-7 m in height.It comes from the highlands of southern Brazil, parts of Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay and northern Argentina.They are also grown throughout Azerbaijan , Iran (), Georgia, Russia (), New Zealand and Tasmania Australia.. The fruit is also called the 'pineapple guava' or 'guavasteen' In fact for many, New Zealand was their choice. Of the potential suspects, she said, These are people who I would describe as having extremist views, that have absolutely no place in New Zealand.

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New Zealand was the largest country in Polynesia when it was annexed by Great Britain in 1840. Thereafter it was successively a crown colony, a self-governing colony (1856), and a dominion (1907). By the 1920s it controlled almost all of its internal and external policies, although it did not become fully independent until 1947, when it adopted the Statute of Westminster New Zealand recently swore in a new government - with Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern taking over as the country's Prime Minister. With an election that ultimately led to a hung parliament and various rounds of negotiations, the shift in power could be said to mark a new political era. Here's what you need to know about Ardern's leadership journey and what she envisions for her. The lethal influenza pandemic that struck New Zealand in late 1918 killed more than 8600 people in two months. pike river mine disaster On 19 November 2010, an explosion ripped through the remote Pike River mine on the West Coast of the South Island, killing 29 men. Ngā Rōpū Wāhine o te Motu women together A history of women's organisations in New Zealand. Edited by Anne Else. Women, the.

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